1 year ago

Mix Your Fashion Style

For a long time, I was afraid to mix different fashion styles.  Don’t get me wrong, I have never been afraid to wear different styles; I just never mixed them.  That also goes with mixing high-end with low-end.  I used to believe that from head to toe, things must align.  Now with great fashion becoming so much more affordable, it’s often hard to decipher the expensive from the affordable. But it also allows those who are ‘fashion obsessed’ a way to afford more with limited means.  That means that a fashionista can have her expensive staple pieces and reserve the means for other less expensive items that blend well, making for an overall affordable look.

Hermes, Dita, Current Elliot, and Zaful


If I’m feeling rebellious or in a cool state of mind, I will wear jeans, boots, an inspiring t-shirt, and my black leather jacket.  I call it my biker chic look.  If I’m feeling a bit more refined, I like to wear flowing slacks or dresses that define the different eras of sophisticated beauty.  And if I’m feeling casual and comfy, I will wear jeans or one of many rompers/ jumpsuits.  I’ve actually often referred to myself as a chameleon because you can never be sure my look on any given day. I’m not a planner.  I don’t decide in advance what I will wear.  I simply go with the feeling I have in my gut when I open my closet.  “Who am I today?” I will ask myself.  “What mood am I in?”  Sometimes I will actually decide the shoes I want to wear and discover an outfit to wear with it.  The only thing I can ever remain truthful to is how I feel and to honor that feeling outwardly.  I can’t pretend to be someone I’m not.  If I’m not feeling it, I’m not feeling it.  It’s just that simple.

Current Elliot leather jacket. Zaful dress, Hemes Birkin
Current Elliot leather jacket. Zaful dress, Hemes Birkin


On this particular day, it was raining in Los Angeles… something of a rarity.  The sun shone soon but the cool breeze still persisted.  I had already felt in one of those moods where comfort needed to persist in my overall day so the black floral dress from zaful was an easy selection.  I had been wearing it for hours when I got a text to meet a friend for lunch.  I hadn’t thought about leaving the house that day so what would I wear on this cold day in addition to the black dress?  While I have so many jacket choices, I knew my mood was full on ‘leather jacket.’   For a brief moment, I questioned my choice and then stuck to my gut. And to also be fully truthful, my hair was a dirty mess.  The hat was my way of concealing what was underneath.  And with my new Hermes Birkin bag, Current Elliot leather jacket,  and Dita sunglasses, I was on my way. I think this look turned out just the way it needed to- truthfully, honestly, and spontaneously.  So don’t be afraid to mix to your fashion style  What do you think?


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