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4 Things I Cared About Before Having Kids

1. Long Showers and Clean Hair

Before having kids, I washed my hair every day. I know, I know, crazy right? But there was something about washing my hair that I just loved. I think what I loved equally was taking a nice long shower where I could relax with the water flowing down my face and gingerly getting ready for the day, refreshed. It was my time; my quiet time. No one was screaming after me; no one needed me. Ahh… the good old days!

Now, I’m lucky if I wash my hair once every three to four days. I would go longer if I could get away with it. My new motto is, “a dirty hair day, is a great hat day!” If I had more hats, I swear, I’d wash my hair once a week or once a month. Oh and that leisurely shower in the morning, forget about it. I don’t even shower in the morning anymore. My 22-month-old twins would scream for me if they caught me trying to take a morning shower.

Instead, I shower at night. I sometimes close my eyes and imagine I’m in a spa somewhere fabulous, only to open my eyes and get jolted back into reality, of course. And since I’m so tired after I put the girls to bed, I end up taking a quick shower to expedite crawling under my duvet.

A Dirty Hair Day
A Dirty Hair Day

2. Perfect Makeup

As a Southern woman, I was taught at an early age that you should never leave your house without your FACE on. And in the event, you don’t have time to put a full face on, you must at least put on a little mascara and blush. While I used to spend so much time making sure my makeup was just perfect and flawless, now I can put on a full face in about 8 minutes. (And I plan to shoot a video to prove it.)

Before having kids, I could take my time making sure the eyeliner was perfect and every flaw on my face concealed. Now, I couldn’t care less. If the eye shadow is in the general location, I’m good with it. I guess I could forgo putting makeup on altogether, but it’s the one thing that makes me feel good and allows me to get away with having dirty hair. I can’t have dirty hair AND no makeup. I mean, I still have a little pride left!

3. High Heels

For those that knew me before I had kids, I only wore high heels. Not kidding. As a petite person, heels made me feel tall and confident. My mother warned me in my early 20’s that I wouldn’t be able to do that my whole life. But as most 20 something’s, I thought her words were foolish and wouldn’t apply to me. Ha! Well, she was right on a couple of points. A) My older feet simply cannot handle wearing heels like they used to, and B) it’s simply not practical or safe to carry one or two babies down the stairs where we live.

The only way I wear heels these days are if I can carry them with me and put them on last second before walking into an event or restaurant. I have been known to carry them in my stroller or slide them on when I pull up to valet. But wearing them all day every day, never again!

4. Shaving my legs

There is nothing like a smooth pair of legs. Crawling into bed when your legs are freshly shaved is such a fabulous feeling. It also affords you the ability to wear other things than jeans. Not only did I shave my legs regularly, I would sport a cute dress or shorts after. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t overly shave; my hair doesn’t grow that fast. But now, I shave maybe every two weeks. Since I now shower at night, I’m often just too damn tired to put a razor near me. Sleep deprivation and a razor in hand are not a good combination.

I will wait as long as I can before I feel the obligation to whack those long hairs from my legs. This usually happens when I look down and notice the sunlight reflecting from them. It’s almost like long leg hairs become a solar panel for the sunlight. When that happens, I know it’s time to take care of business. You, other moms, must know what I’m talking about, right? And let’s face it, really who’s looking at my legs these days anyway? All eyes are appropriately on the cuteness of my little ones.

Here’s this article published on Huffington Post Parents!


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